What's the frequency?: radiation claims disputed

Utilities dispute smart-meter radiation claims

Follow the Ongoing Exchange Between Oklahoma Citizens and OG&E

Customers Say OG&E Smart Meters are making them sick – Parts 1 & 2

KFOR Channel 4 in OKC – July 23, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY – NewsChannel 4 is learning more about nationwide fears involving smart meters and allegations that they can negatively affect your health. According to a group that tracks complaints against smart meters, so far, three states instituted moratoriums on them.

In other states, class action lawsuits were filed and at one time, in California, 47 municipal jurisdictions had demanded a halt to installations of the meters.

The following states have either banned smart meters, have pending legislation against them, or have offered customers the opportunity to opt out. Some for health concerns, others over privacy issues: California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont. …more

List of Oklahoma Electric Providers to contact with your smart meter health concerns…pdf

Action Items:

We want to send an undeniable message to our legislators and the Corporation Commission that smart meters are harmful to our health and an invasion of our privacy.

We also want them to know that WE, the people of Oklahoma, do not want them used ON OUR HOMES OR IN OUR NEIGHBORHOODS.

SEND A LETTER TO THE CONTACT PERSON in your area requesting no smart meters in the future, and, if they are using them now, to return to using analog meters.

Also cite any health concerns or effects you have been experiencing since the installation of a Smart Meter (AMI) on your home or office. Document all evidence.

MAKE A COPY OF THAT LETTER AND SEND TO: Mr. Joe Esposito, c/o Stop Smart Meters in Oklahoma, P. O. Box 2383, Owasso, OK 74055

Couple Says Smart Meter Forced Them Out of Their Home

KOKH Fox 25 – February 22, 2013

A family in the Metro says smart meters forced them to move from their home… into a trailer. OG&E says its smart meter system has helped each customer save hundreds of dollars. But, Fox 25's Kisha Henry shows us a family who says it makes them feel like they live in a microwave.

OG&E says the smart meters are now mandatory. If one person in the neighborhood doesn't want one, they would have to have dual systems and pay to have a meter reader visit one house monthly -- costing the company and eventually the customers more money.

“It's really a win-win for customers,” says Kathleen O'Shea, spokesperson for OG&E.

“It's not benefiting us in any way. First of all, we can't live in our home,” counters Billy Smith, of El Reno. He and his wife, Monique, say OG&E's smart meters have forced them to move into a trailer, a quarter of a mile from their home.

“The first day that we got the smart meter, I became really dizzy,” says Monique. She says her doctor diagnosed her with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and in a written request insisted OG&E remove the Smith's smart meter.

“My wife -- her organs are attacked. She has nose bleeds, chronic weakness,” says Billy.

“The smart meter itself is just a digital meter. It's not that much different from what customers had on their house before,” says O'Shea. She says smart meters contain a little card that transmits data, allowing customers to track their electricity consumption down to 15-minute intervals, helping them save money.

“It puts out frequencies,” says Billy.

“The radio frequencies from the meter are well, well below what the FCC has as a limit,” says O'Shea. She says cell phones actually emit more of a signal than the smart meters.

But, the Smiths say the smart meters have pushed Monique's hypersensitivity over the edge. They're now building what's called a Faraday Cage for her to sleep in -- to block the signals. “I can tell if a person's on a cell phone because I get a shooting pain through my insides,” says Monique.

“We're having to live in a trailer,” emphasizes Billy.

The Smiths say they know their story may sound crazy, but they say this is their life, and it's very real. “You may not feel what I feel, but eventually you will feel what I feel because of all of the cell towers and all the electromagnetics just flying around. It's eventually going to hurt everybody,” says Monique.

But, health issues aren't the only concerns some customers have with the smart meters. Others are concerned about privacy. They're worried their private information is being transmitted, and could be hacked. The Smiths say their email accounts have been hacked twice since their smart meter was installed. They say the meters have the ability to pick up and transmit data from the home.

But, OG&E says the company takes privacy very seriously, and the only information that's transmitted is killowat hours. “We can't tell if someone's watching five TVs at one time. We have no idea… and we don't really care. That's the person's business,” says O'Shea.

Some customers say the meters transmit information about peak usage hours, which could translate to when homeowners are home, and if they have a lot of people in the house. Again, OG&E says that's not the case.

There have also been concerns the data being transmitted could be sold to third parties, allowing them -- for example -- to advertise to customers who do a lot of cooking. OG&E says that is untrue.

Couple says smart meter forced them out of their home.

Posted: Friday, February 22 2013, 10:57 AM CST

Rebuttal by Joe Esposito

Rebuttal by Curtis Bennett - Chief Science Officer

Gigahertz Solutions RF Meter Kit

Mr. Joe Esposito on Smart Meter Issues

PSO turns off the power to Esposito home after securing permission to re-install an analog meter on his home. … read more

Joe Esposito at the Understanding Agenda 21 Symposium in Tulsa, April 5-6, 2013. … YouTube Video

BC Hydro smart meters provoke class action lawsuit

CBC News Posted: Apr 29, 2013 2:03 PM PT
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2013 5:03 PM PT

Peachland grandmother says meter installed even though she refused permission.

BC Hydro has installed smart meters for most customers in B.C., but many have raised concerns health and privacy concerns about the high-tech devices. (CBC)

Opponents of smart meters are preparing a class action lawsuit against BC Hydro, alleging installation of the high-tech devices has led to thousands of health, safety and privacy concerns over the last two years. … read more


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